About Us

Cameron Power and Evan Murphy are not just brothers-in-law but are also business partners, successfully running Power Grain together in the Bay of Plenty.

Power Grain Ltd leases 350 hectares of land around Whakatane, where Cameron's father Robert Power was dairy farming in 1987. "Dad wrecked his back and decided to go into maize farming," Cameron says.

"He grew his home farm, which is 36 hectares. He put that in maize and slowly went from there. Dad got into contracting a year or two after that - he bought some gear to do his own farm and then started doing other people farming. He began with maize planting and harvesting and we've done a lot of spraying in the past too."

Robert is no longer contracting, giving it up several years ago to get into property development. "I started contracting about nine years ago. I worked for Dad for a year and then I and my brother-in-law Evan took it on. He'd been working for Dad for about two years prior to me."

Cameron's sister Leah, who is married to Evan, got involved a few years ago and today does the bookwork and runs the office. "Evan and I now run it together. He's brilliant with machinery - both operating it and working on it," says Cameron.

"He's a diesel mechanic and was brought up through John Deere and did his time there." Today Power Grain does everything from maize planting and harvesting for grain to cultivation, discing, tilling, spraying, side dressing, silage chopping, ploughing, power harrowing stubble and grass ploughing.

"All the John Deere gear is pretty good and our Kinze planters do an extremely good job - they might be slower than some other planters but they're extremely accurate," says Cameron.