We offer an extensive range of services and are flexible to suit your needs. We can tailor our contracts depending on the machinery required and the level of involvement you’d like to maintain. Services include part and full contract farming as well as individual or tailored operations. We do cultivation, spraying, maize planting, side dressing or spinning urea, and silage chopping or harvesting for grain.


We have a wide range of cultivation equipment to create the ideal seedbed for any crop on the wide ranging soil types that are found in the Whakatane Area. Please review all our equipment as each machine has unique advantages and feel free to call us to discuss the best mix of cultivation equipment for your specific operation.

With a large and modern fleet of equipment we can tackle any job small or large. We offer an extensive range of services at competitive prices. We do all aspects of cultivations including discing, ripping, stubble and grass ploughing, rollertilling and power harrowing.


Our JCB fastrac, mounted with a Clean-acres sprayer provides an accurate distribution of chemical over the ground.  A computer helps to control an accurate distribution across a wide range of products and application rates.  Special low ground compaction tyres and a specialised spray rig are modified to fit directly for more manoeuvrability and are one of the efficient features of our spraying equipment.

Grass paddocks usually require to be sprayed out prior to cultivation to prevent regrowth.  Pre-emergent chemicals are then required within approximately five days of planting maize.  We then follow up with a post-emergent spray six weeks after planting.  If you need some spraying done or have a question about chemical don't hesitate to contact Cameron Ph 021 513 515.

Maize Planting

We run two Kinze maize planters - a 12-row and an 8-row, which allows us to plant both large and smaller paddocks.  We believe in the importance of doing an excellent planting job in order to acheive optimum yeilds.  The Kinze planters have proved to be extremely accurate which enables us to acheive outstanding results.  We can adjust planter seed distances to alter population to grow maize for either silage or grain, and also plant sweetcorn.

There are many varieties of maize seeds available which suit different soils, climates and maturity lengths.  PowerGrain is involved with seed trials to study the performances of these seeds.  There are also different treatments which can be applied to the seeds.  If you are confused about which type of seed you should plant, or whether to use treated or untreated seed feel free to call Evan. His years of experience in taking part in seed trials and planting maize has given him the expertise to help with these decisions.
Evan Ph 021 364 552


Grain Harvest
A quality harvesting job is important and we achieve this with our John Deere 9550 and experienced operators.  Merchants often deduct from the grain sale for poor quality grain due to broken kernels and dirt contamination.  The maize header operates with stubble height control and lateral float to enable us to cut the maize at a consistent height which reduces the risk of contamination of soil and dirt on the maize stalks if they are cut too short.

In the past we have concentrated on harvesting maize for grain.  However, in 2009 we added a John Deere 6550 silage chopper to the fleet, enabling us to provide a full service to silage growers for both maize and grass crops.  We have recently upgraded to a 7500 silage chopper and are pleased with its performance.  The corn cracker is essential to crack the grains as the crop is harvested and avoid any losses of nutrients and starch held within the grain when passing through the cows gut. For grass crops we are also equipped to do mowing and raking.  We have silage trailer bins and a Mack truck to cart the silage, and a Stoll loader fitted to one of the John Deere tractors to create a well pressed silage stack.


Specialised Service

We pride ourselves on offering the best agricultural contracting services possible. With a dedicated team of highly trained operatives, supported by a management team with a wealth of experience we can ensure your job, no matter how big or small, is completed to the highest level and as quickly and efficiently as possible.